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Reviews for "Rehoboam" and "Illusion"

Get your hands on these exciting literary fantasy novels that will keep you on the edge of your seat to the very last page! These stories have gotten excellent reviews and are a must-read if you enjoy heroic books.


Rehoboam is an extrabiblical fantasy of Millenial proportions invoking rich, religious and secular images creating an imaginative narrative both fascinating and exciting.


Rehoboam's blending of Biblical myth and historical fiction is appealing as is the spiritual battle between Good and Evil...Newman's impressive ability to transform a scene through imagery makes Rehoboam a memorable read. Countless sequences jump off the page because of Newman's rich writing style. Rehoboam is an ambitious story powered by impressive imagery.


Rehoboam is an absorbing, well-written epic with periodic action sequences both stirring and occasionally violent, Newman displays a knack for expressive details...
~Kirkus Review 

Tracey R. Newman's Illusion

Tracey R. Newman's Illusion is a wild ride through various mythologies and ancient histories centered on cosmic drama and reincarnation...a stylistically interesting novel with its own mythos that makes for gripping reading...

~Forward Review 

Illusion is compelling, packed with visual detail, including enough disturbing, violent acts and lush banquet scenes to rival George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire Series".


Tracey R. Newman's narrative scope is impressive,incorporating elements of fantasy, horror, espionage and ancient history [with] enough intrigue and action to satisfy fans of spy novels and enough well-researched references to history and archaeology to please dedicated students of history. The book's central conflict features [plenty of] angels, demons, and epic heroes to impress any dedicated fantasy fan.