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Action, adventure, and intrigue await you. The works of Tracey Newman are sure to ignite your imagination and take you to faraway lands. Tracey is an innovator in the fantasy novel genre that blends real-world circumstances with the paranormal and the occult. Explore Tracey’s many novels to discover what has many readers already hooked on her fascinating stories.

Illusion, Through the Never

Experience edge-of-your-seat action, brought to you by the Illusion, Through the Never series. Book 1 is the breakout title from Henderson-based author Tracey Newman, where she presents a realistic world that is intertwined with the mystic elements of the beyond.

It all begins with an archeologist, Nick Piper, and a Duchess, Lily Drescher-DuKent. While they both come from two different upbringings, their fates are entwined within an eons-spanning battle between demons and angels. Through the Never is a fast-paced trip that will keep you guessing.

Rehoboam: Prince, Warrior, Sorcerer, King, Prophet

Rehoboam: Prince, Warrior, Sorcerer, King, Prophet is a continuation of the Through the Never series. It follows the exploits of a prince-general who would ultimately set the stage for the ongoing conflict in which Nick and Lily find themselves. This novel evokes a time when the lines of fantasy and reality were often blurred, set in a different time far away from contemporary society.

Tracy Newman’s Through the Never series of fantasy novels is available on various platforms, including iUniverse, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, and Amazon.