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Brewing Up Fantasy Fiction in Henderson, NV

Fantasy fiction has recently come into its own with incredible characters and intriguing storylines. They draw you into other worlds and introduce you to people and creatures born of great imaginations. The celebrated work of Tracey Newman is one such series of fantasy fiction. This notable author in Henderson, NV, introduced the world to a depth of storytelling only truly gifted writers even attempt.

Fantasy Novels That Ignite Adventure

Tracey breathes life into fictional people that you will grow to love, hate, celebrate, and mourn as you follow their journey through another world. Her first book, Illusion, Through the Never series, is a gripping introduction to the world-building skills of a true artist. Allow yourself to become entwined in the action with Nick and Lily as the protagonists. They will take you down the road of adventure, intrigue, and inspiration with a cast of characters you will soon come to adore. 

The Journey Continues

Rehoboam: Prince, Warrior, Sorcerer, King, Prophet is her second fantasy novel. It returns us to Nick and Lily’s world as they dance on a knife’s edge between illusion and reality, never knowing which way they will tip.

Through the Never series by Tracey Newman is available in the fantasy fiction sections of various platforms, including iUniverse, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, and Amazon.