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Masterfully Written Series with a Captivating Plot

Illusion - Through the Never Series 

Illusion - Through the Never Series from Henderson, NV

Thrilling Book Series
Sure to Spark Your Interest

Its first book entitled, Illusion: Book 1, will have you reading from cover to cover, journeying alongside intriguing characters as unique as they are flawed and will make you eager for the next installment.

Illusion: Book 1

Spellbinding Literary Fiction from Henderson, NV

Lovers of Fantasy Fiction explore a new novel by Tracey R. Newman available now at®, Barnes & Noble Booksellers™, and Amazon™. The first in the series, Illusion: Book 1, is an enticing piece of literacy fiction from Henderson, NV, sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Available now in hardcover, paperback, and e-book. Prices start at just $3.99.

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Fascinating Fantasy Novel

Illusion: Book 1 is defined by rich elements that give it character and realism 
blending humanistic and mystical features that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last.

Haunted by His Dreams

The novel begins in an East London pub where famed American archaeologist Nickolaus Piper is confronted by a stranger who bestows on him a talisman and warns that the demon that haunts his dreams is real.

Tormented by Regret

Duchess Lily Dresher-DuKent is forced to embrace the world of her mother, a world filled with demons and angels who
are steadily gathering against her. What she decides next shall decide the fate of All Souls.

Beyond Murder

 Inspector Mason Chase of Scotland Yard suspects Nickolaus Piper is guilty of much more than murder when she pursues him in a high speed chase across London. As her investigation progresses she is drawn deeper into the mystery of the artifacts, convinced the answers will lead her not only to Piper and Lily Dresher-DuKent but will unlock the secrets of her own curious past and the disappearance of her own mother decades before. Regretfully, Nick and Lily aren't the only ones being hunted—the Dowager Armali, a cult of assassins centuries old will stop at nothing to capture Mason and bring her before their Mistress, an ancient Evil older than Time.