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About the Author

The tale of the author is not as linear as the plots they like to write. Even then, the plot spirals and twists when we least expect it. Tracey Newman, author and fantasy lover, wended her way back to her love of writing after many of her own side quests. She began her journey as a writer with short stories while growing up in Reno.

After conquering college and graduating from the University of Nevada in 1998 with a degree in History and minor in Anthropology, she enlisted in the United States Army. What inspired this trajectory of courage was the heinous act of terrorism that took place in Oklahoma. After successfully graduating from Fort Huachuca, AZ, she was reassigned and later deployed to assist in the “Operation: Iraqi Freedom.”

From the stresses of military life and other tumultuous plots in which she found herself, a fantasy novel was born. The help of her creative outlet later allowed her to write her series Illusion, Through the Never Series I. She then found herself sharing in her love of books while working at a Barnes & Noble after being honorably discharged in 2003. She is proud to have been inspired by her friends to put her work of literary fiction, Through the Never Series into the world of published books.