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Rehoboam: Prince, Warrior, Sorcerer, King, Prophet

Rehoboam - Through the Never Series from Henderson, NV

A Thrilling Book Series that Continues to Grow and Captivate

“Rehoboam: Prince, Warrior, Sorcerer, King, Prophet” is available now on Amazon and in bookstores. It is the second book in the series created by Tracey R. Newman, a visionary author who skillfully weaves a tale that grabs you at the first word and holds you firmly until the very end. This is the second installment of the well-regarded thrilling book series known to fantasy, action, and adventure fans as the “Through the Never Series.”

This book begins in 2016, when renowned archaeologist Dr. Tobias Alger, on the verge of his greatest discovery, was murdered in the Guadalupe Valley in South America. Three thousand years before that crime Alger was a much loved and respected prince and military general, son and heir of King Solomon, known as Prince-General Rehoboam.


"Rehoboam: Prince, Warrior, Sorcerer, King, Prophet” a “Through the Never Series” Novel

In this novel, fans encounter the mysterious truths around Nick Piper's mentor and friend, Tobias Alger, back when he was Rehoboam and living in luxury in Solomon's Jerusalem. The young prince is confronted by his unwanted destiny and defies convention by joining his fiercest adversary to lead fallen angels against a malevolent goddess and protect Israel from destruction. To survive, he must rely on his wits and prepare the way for the mythic Lion, the only man powerful enough to save Mankind and Angel-kind.

Get your hands on the first part of this intriguing book series that goes beyond the conventional.

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Looking for something new and exciting to read? Get a first glimpse of "Illusion, Through the Never Series, Book I" an enticing thriller available at iUniverse, Barnes & Noble Booksellers,, and also through Amazon, all shipping worldwide.

The Adventure Began with “Illusion, Through the Never Series” Book 1

“Illusion” the first part of the “Through the Never Series” entwines readers in a thrilling fantasy novel that begins with famed American archaeologist, Professor Nickolaus Adallyus Piper in the South American jungles and eventually leads to a lowly East London pub. That is where a mysterious stranger gives him an ancient talisman and warns that the Demon stalking his nightmares is real and won't stop until one of them is dead.

Duchess Lily Drescher-DuKent, still mourning her mother’s death, joins her cousin Preston to search for his Mum, a devout Catholic recently vanished from an elite mental-health hospital. The only clue is a cryptic message clawed into the ceiling of her room which leads them to Saint Christopher's Cathedral. In the cathedral, Lily is confronted by Oswald Monk, a priest who bestows Lily with a golden pendant he claims will guard her soul against demonic forces hunting her. Father Mathahay, seeing the pendant, leads the pair to a locked room where a papyrus scroll inscribed with an ancient prophecy foretelling the coming of an ancient warrior-god and a great cosmic war is kept hidden. Mathahay tells them that the twelfth-century scroll was unearthed recently by Nick Piper.

This book about the battle of good vs. evil continues with Inspector Mason Chase of Scotland Yard who believes Piper is guilty of more than murder as she pursues him across London. During her investigation, she’s drawn deeper into the mystery, convinced the answers will lead to Piper and Lily Drescher-DuKent and unlock the secrets of her curious past and the disappearance of her mother decades before.
Nick and Lily aren't the only ones hunted, though. The Dowager Armalai, a centuries-old cult of assassins will stop at nothing to capture Mason and bring her before their Mistress, an ancient Evil older than Time.

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